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The only way to learn to speak any language is to have the opportunity for regular practise speaking it.
Watch-listen-copy-repeat is the universal learning method that works for every single child in the world learning their first language.

Practice everyday, practice each word or phrase or sentence many times. Learning to speak a language is the same as learning to play a musical instrument. You just need to practice. It’s easy because this is how you learnt to speak your first language.


This demonstration shows how to use your preferred language App.
With YES! English you wont learn about written English grammar you will just listen to English and practice speaking English.

Open the app, choose practice. Inside the app there are videos, words, phrases and sentences for you to practice with.
Yellow borders are beginner level units, blue borders are intermediate level & red border units are more advanced English.

Choose a learning unit, listen carefully to the sound, copy the sound you hear and do it again. Keep saying the words until they are easy for you to say, the more times you copy the sounds you hear, the quicker it will be for you to learn to speak English.


  • Speech is the primary form of all human languages.
  • We all learned to speak our first language before we learned to read it or write it.
  • Our brains are wired to learn any language by listening and copying
  • Writing is a recent invention, an abstract visual code for speech notation.
  • Learning to speak a language, and learning to read its simpler visual code, are two very different cognitive processes.
  • Speaking a language is a physical skill.
  • Learning the skill of speaking a language fluently, like any other skill, requires lots of repetitive speaking practice.
  • You cannot learn the skill of playing piano by studying coded music notation.
  • You cannot learn to speak a language by reading about it.


  • Most English courses are taught to groups of students in classrooms.
  • Most English courses are taught by teachers who are not native English speakers.
  • Most English courses are driven by textbooks and written tests.
  • Most English students learn to read English and study English grammar and pass the written tests, but still cannot speak English confidently and fluently.
  • This is not their fault, nor is it the fault of their teachers.
  • Reading and writing can be learned by groups, all at the same time.
  • Spoken English must be practiced by each student separately and individually.
  • Most English courses cannot allow enough time for teachers to coach individual students personally and give them enough practice at building their oral skills.
  • Speaking practice time inside the classroom is often limited or non-existent.
  • Most students have no opportunity to practice their English speaking skills outside of the classroom.

YES! English can be delivered at a much lower cost and is significantly more effective at building oral English skills than any conventional teacher-led text-based ESL program currently in use.

YES! English works because it mimics how everybody in the world learns their first language, to make learning to speak English as a Second Language as simple and as fast as humanly possible. YES! English completely isolates spoken English from written English and delivers a learning process that is based solely on watching, listening, copying, and repeating, because this is the way our brains are optimised to acquire any language.

Peter Bull, Founder – YES! English

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