YES! English Mobile App – Initial Field Trial Results     September 2016, Brisbane, Australia

In September 2016, YES! English conducted a structured trial of the ‘YES! English’ oral skills mobile app with a group of ten Korean post-school vocational students. These students had been studying English at school in Korea for the previous six years. We tested their oral English skills, then we asked them to practise their spoken English using the YES! English Mobile app for 30 minutes each weekday for four weeks. Then we tested them again.
In each of the different tests, every question required an oral answer in English. We scored their responsiveness to each question, the accuracy of the response, and pronunciation.

Here are the results:
The blue bars are their scores after six years of conventional ESL studies
The red bars are their scores after 10 hours of additional practise with YES!English.

Using standard US College academic letter grading:
– In the first test, five of the students failed with an ‘F’, and there were no ‘A’s.
– In the second test, nobody failed, and five of the students scored an ‘A’.

YES! English works because it mimics how everybody in the world learns their first language, to make learning to speak English as a Second Language as simple and as fast as humanly possible. YES! English completely isolates spoken English from written English and delivers a learning process that is based solely on watching, listening, copying, and repeating, because this is the way our brains are optimised to acquire any language.

YES! English can be delivered at a much lower cost and is significantly more effective at building oral English skills than any conventional teacher-led text-based ESL program currently in use.

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