Myanmar trial proves again how well YES! English works    – Field Trial 3:

This 2017 trial involved a small group of adult Burmese-speaking customer-service-related employees in a Myanmar-based subsidiary of a major ASEAN commercial group of companies. The participants practised listening to and speaking English with the help of the YES! English mobile app for approximately 10 hours over one month.
The participants were given an individual oral English test before beginning their practise period, and then given a very similar but not identical oral English test after one month’s practise. Each answer to the test questions was given in spoken English and scored in terms of Responsiveness, Accuracy, and Pronunciation, and the assessments were carried out by the company’s own HR staff, with no involvement from YES!English personnel. The results speak for themselves.

The biggest improvements in ability were shown by those participants with the lowest Pre-Test scores.

The keys to successfully learning to speak a second language, are: 1) Comprehension , which means being able to recognise and understand what others are saying in that language; and 2) Expression , which means having instant command of enough vocabulary to communicate in return, and the confidence to use it. YES! English builds comprehension through a strong initial emphasis on listening skills, then facilitates expression with repeated speaking practise, and develops confidence by allowing practise in private rather than having to perform in front of a full classroom.

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