Results of a restaurant workplace trial in Ho Chi Minh City – 2017

Here are the results of a trial of YES! English conducted in 2017 with adult employees at one of the premises of the Al Fresco Group, in Vietnam. AFG Group are a chain of food and beverage outlets. The trial was conducted entirely by staff at the HR dept of the company.

The spoken English post-test results show that these trial participants improved their oral pre-test scores by an average of 22% after practising with the YES! English app for only four weeks (despite in some cases, some technical handicaps beyond their control).

It should be noted that this overall positive average result was achieved despite four of the eleven trial participants – 1, 3, 9, 11 – showing a statistically zero measurable improvement.

Regular physical skills practise strengthens neural pathways, so that the actions can be performed easier and faster. Skills improvement is a physiologically inevitable result of regular practise. This means that if you practise any skill, you will get better at it.

Therefore, the most likely explanation for the four zero results is that those participants who showed no improvement at all were not willing learners and did not do the private practise that was required of them, despite what they might have claimed.

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