YES! English Evaluation app for English teachers

We want to help your students become fluent English speakers, but we know that one of the biggest problems English teachers have is helping their students get enough individual personalised practise at actually speaking English. That’s what YES! English does for you.

The app with the British (UK) flag has two purposes.
1. It is for people like you who teach English to non-English speakers, so you can evaluate how useful YES! English will be for your students.
2. It can also be used for pronunciation practise by learners from anywhere in the world who can already speak English reasonably fluently, but have poor pronunciation or have a difficult to understand accent.
In this special YES! English teacher version, the translations of all the spoken words which would normally be presented in the learner’s own language are shown in English, so you can understand how the product works.

The YES! English app is free to download and comes with a number of sample learning units for you to play with and evaluate, but if you would like to examine all of the YES! English content, then please email us at or complete the form below.

Tell us your name, the name of your school or college, and the language/s of the students you teach, and we will send you a free unlock code for all of YES! English.

Please contact us. YES! English can help your students to speak English, faster and more easily.

Student versions

In the student YES! English apps, your students will hear English being spoken by a range of native English-speakers, but ALL of the words in text on the screen are always in the student’s own language – whatever that is.

YES! English supported languages:

Students can purchase individual subscriptions in their own language for their mobile phones, but YES! English can also be purchased by schools in bulk at a discount, so students can use the app without paying for it themselves.

Other languages:

If the language you need is not one of the languages we already support, YES! English  will build a new version for your students, translated into the language you need, if your institution has a minimum of 100 students.

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