When your cabin crew staff are able to communicate effectively with English-speaking passengers, everyone wins. You get happier customers, better word of mouth, more repeat business, and employees with better job satisfaction.

Airline cabin crews keep your passengers safe, comfortable, and refreshed, and they respond to their in-flight requests. Today, more and more international travellers expect to be able to communicate in English.

We provide a package of trial materials for HR, Pre & Post-Test:
1. Selected learners for the trial will be given an oral Pre-test, to measure how much of the content they already know. This test involves asking them just 12 questions & each test will take about five minutes.
2. The assessor, scores each response 0-4, on three different criteria.
3. The learners then practise with the Cabin Crew units for two weeks – 30 minutes a day, five days a week, for a total of five hours practise.
4. After 2 weeks, the learners are given an oral Post-test, similar to the Pre-test but with different questions. The difference between the two scores for each learner will indicate effectiveness.

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