Why YES! English?

You didn’t learn to speak your first language by studying its grammar with a book.

Nobody ever does.

You learned to speak your first language by watching and listening to it being spoken.
Then you practised making the same sounds yourself.

The more you practised the easier it was to say the words, and the easier it became to understand and remember what the words meant.

You didn’t have to learn all the rules first, you figured them out for yourself, just by doing it.

With YES  your students will learn to speak English the same way.

When you first start to speak any new language, all the sounds are unfamiliar, your mouth and lips and tongue and vocal chords are not used to making them. Everything feels awkward and different.

But when you keep practising, repeating the same words and phrases many times, it quickly becomes much easier.

That’s how you learn any physical skill – whether that’s playing a musical instrument, driving a car, or speaking English – you keep practising until you can do it without thinking about it.

That’s how YES  works. Because that’s the quickest way to learn any spoken language.

Watch. Listen. Copy. Repeat.
It’s very simple. And it’s very easy.

Download the app, and see how your students can start improving their spoken English today.

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